Quite Simple

It doesn’t take much

to make my heart skip a beat.

It is quite simple

to sweep me off my feet.

It’s the little things

that put a smile on my face.

It feels me with love

that sadness can’t replace.


Cool Summer Rain

There’s no feeling quite like a cool summer rain.

It comes and it goes, gently erasing pain.

Those huge, sweet raindrops wash the tears from my face.

For a short while, my sad thoughts they replace.

For a time, it is as though I am a child.

Living with reckless abandon. I am wild.

So what if the rain soaks through all my clothing?

Who is there to hear me as I twirl and sing?

For a short time, the rain clears me of sorrow.

I don’t seem to care what happens tomorrow.

The rain brings me joy that my life has forgot.

It is a happiness that cannot be bought.

But just like the storm,  the moment is fleeting.

Into myself, I’m already retreating.

I think to myself as the clouds start to wane

There’s no feeling quite like a cool summer rain



As the Days Go By

As the days go by,

the pain eases slightly.

I got out of bed today.

I only cried once today

when I thought of you.


As the days go by,

I miss you more and more,

but your disappearance

from my life seems to be

more natural and less abrupt.


As the days go by,

I can’t stop thinking of you

and all the memories we have.

I can get through the day again.

I can resume my routine.


As the days go by

It’s easier to face the future

and to leave the past behind.

I know I’ll see you again,

but good things take time.



The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised

to discover your father is disgusting,

just like you.

After all, what they say is true:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

He’s done horrible, unspeakable things

to an innocent young girl,

just like you.

He took something from her

that you took from me ‘

that wasn’t for either of you to take.

You are both crooked and disturbed.

You both deserve to rot in hell

for the crimes you’ve committed.

It makes me sick to my stomach

to remember and know the things you do

and think you can get away with.

This world is an awful place,

not just because of the lack of justice

but because it is populated with people like you.




Everything that comes into your life

must eventually become absent.

No matter how much you try

to nurture and care for something,

it will eventually disappear.

You can try to prevent it,

but you will fail.

You can try to prolong it,

but you will hurt yourself more.

You can believe it’s not actually gone,

but you will just be in denial.

Everything faces the cruel hands of time.

Everything has an expiration date

Everyone dies,


Everything changes,


Everything disintegrates to dust,


Everything you at one point have,

something you take advantage of daily,

will someday walk out and be replaced with regret.

Everything good in life will fade away,

just like me.


Just Keep Swimming

They say to go with the flow

so I just keep swimming.

They say it’ll get better,

so I just keep swimming.

They say the best is yet to come

so I just keep swimming.

They say to stay positive

so I just keep swimming.

They say I’ll get everything I’ve ever wanted

so to just keep swimming,

but the truth is I am so tired.

I’m tired of swimming

and keeping my head afloat.

I’m tired after years swimming,

chasing something I can never have.

They ask what I’m going to do about it?

I don’t have an answer

or the guts to even try something new

so I just keep swimming.