What is Love?

What is love?

It’s nothing more than a foreign myth to me.

It’s a sugar that my lips have never tasted;

A high my heart has never felt.

How am I to know what makes a heartbeat?

The time fly?

The world go round?

I don’t even know the way it feels to be loved by someone.

The only love I know is that of a child’s toy.

A child who grew too old for that toy,

And then tossed it into a corner to be forgotten.

Is that what love is?

I feel like it should be so much more.

But how am I to know?

I am nothing but a bystander

Standing still

Watching a world of love go on around me.

I wish to-

I want to participate,

But how can I?

I may not know love,

But I know it’s something I can’t do myself:

It takes two.

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