Social Butterfly

Was left alone to die

This social butterfly.

When people got too loud,

She was lost in the crowd.

It may not be the intention,

But no one paid her attention.

So introverted she became.

Never to be the same.

Only talks when talked to,

Never to anyone new.

Left without a choice,

She had given up her voice.

Her opinion doesn’t matter.

Her hopes and dreams shatter.

This butterfly’s gone quiet.

Her parents just deny it.

They look the other way.

Assume everything is okay,

Even though it’s not.

She doesn’t stand a shot.

Wings forever are broken.

No more words to be spoken.

The butterfly will cry

Waiting here to die.



All I wanted was to escape

and I thought that’s what I’d done.

But I guess I was too cocky

In thinking that I’d won.

I thought I could outrun it,

I thought I found my answer.

It’s finally catching up now

And I’ll lose this race for sure.

I thought I left my problems

Back home where they belong.

But they’ve found me here.

How could I be so wrong?

There are things I can’t escape.

They’re stuck with me forever.

Even though I tried,

it’s another failed endeavor.

I’ll Be Heard

This isn’t anything new.

I’m just talking to you.

So why aren’t you paying attention?

Why are you looking in the other direction?

I’m talking, but you walk away,

Obviously not caring what I say.

I took the time to listen to you.

Couldn’t you do the same for me too?

You may not want to listen to me,

But one of these days you will see.

You can quote me, word for word,

That someday I’ll be heard.

Ruining Me

I am who I am, can’t you see?

The only person I can be is me.

So why must you go and ruin my life?

Why must you fill it with grief and strife?

I’m just a kid, don’t tell me depressing things.

Don’t you see what sadness to my heart it brings?

I am fragile. My emotions are unstable.

Dealing with my own problems, I’m hardly capable.

You tell me to grow up, so I try.

You tell me I’m too young. Did you lie?

Things like this make my life a mess

So I need you to really confess.

Who am I really? am I me?

Or is that what you don’t want me to be?