I am Standing Still

The clock is ticking.

It’s working against me.

I am standing still

but time is moving on.


Others walk past me,

achieving their life goals.

I am standing still.

I am going nowhere.


The future is near

And I don’t have a plan.

I am standing still.

I am falling behind.


Minutes become days.

And the days become weeks.

I am standing still.

Life is passing me by.


15 thoughts on “I am Standing Still

  1. Just remember that none of us are promised tomorrow. So all those minutes you see in the future may never some to pass. When you realize that you start to live in the present. I work in healthcare and I can’t tell you how fast life can change for anyone regardless if you are healthy or sick, innocent or guilty, young or old. Forget having a plan. It is overrated!

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  2. If you’re writing, you’re moving. Despair is far from you. Believe in your vision for your life, I bet you already know what it is.

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  3. I understand this feeling. Walking on a treadmill as other are walking further in the distance…. You will eventually catch up… Everybody has different timing…


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