Suggestions-responses requested.

Hey everyone,

it’s that time of the year again…SUMMER!!!! During the summer months, I lifeguard at a few pools. Some days tend to get pretty slow so on those days (when breaks are more frequent), I read books. Normally, my go to author is Nicholas Sparks, but now that I’ve read all but two of his books (which I’m waiting on from the library. God only knows how long that will take).I need suggestions on what to read this summer. I’m looking for something new!

My reading style is pretty much 98% fiction. I love a good romance story, but I also love adventure, with a touch of comedy. Mysteries are okay, but they can’t be predictable. I should warn I dislike science fiction for the most part. I enjoy some of the classics too.

Some books I’ve read in the past I’ve enjoyed( to give you an idea of my taste)

-Everything Nicholas Sparks

  • the entire Harry Potter series
  • the Beautiful Creatures series
  • the Hunger Games trilogy
  • Kissed by an Angel trilogy
  • most of the books by John Green

Series are nice but not necessary. I’m just struggling to remember single books I’ve read recently. But please comment your suggestions on what you think I might enjoy on the bottom. Please leave the title (or series) and author. Maybe a little description if you you’re up to it .

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it.

-Laughy Baffy

17 thoughts on “Suggestions-responses requested.

  1. ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ by John Irving. I liked this and the build up in the story. It may be my favourite of JI’s, but, I would advise against ‘The Water Carrier’ by JI (perhaps just my opinion).

    William Boyd’s ‘Waiting For Sunrise’ I had on audio then got the book – it made an interesting listen and read.


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  2. Janet Evanovich is a great summertime author. She writes the Stephanie Plum series. One was made into a terrible movie so don’t judge by that! The first is One For the Money. Happy reading!

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  3. For that 2% nonfiction, there’s a Pulitzer Prize winning memoir called Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard that I kind of recommend to everybody. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and it really doesn’t read like typical nonfiction, she may as well have written a realistic fantasy narrative.

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  4. “Sullivan’s Island” is set in NC lowcountry. I remember laughing out loud at one point…I didn’t realize Dorothea Frank had a series…it was good enough I’d try another by her. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. The first one I read was “10 Big Ones”…it made me laugh so hard I cried. I have since read them all.
    I like Diane Mott Davison-Caterer series set in CO. I’ve read them all. Davison is very good with character development….so good when a new book comes out I feel like I’m connecting with family…warning she affects one’s appetite. These are all murder mysteries…easy reads.

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  5. If you’d like to consider scifi, I have a book out about the first colony on Mars. It’s about a more-real sort of colony, with no wars or invasions, but it may not be your cup of tea, so please download a free copy (you and your visitors!). At scroll down to about the middle for the link to Smashwords and the coupon code for the DL.

    If rhyming poetry is more your style, there’s a coupon for a poetry collection, too 🙂

    If not, no worries. Enjoy your summer!


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