To Feel Like Someone Loves Me

I want to feel like someone loves me.

It seems like a simple human right

That I just can’t seem to claim.

Love is linked to happiness

Which explains why I’m miserable.

I don’t want a boyfriend just to say I have one.

I just want someone to bring me joy.

I want to feel like I matter.

I want someone to make me smile.

I want someone to care about me

Because I’m tired of being the only one.

It exhausting telling myself each day

That life is worth living

When the list of reasons just gets shorter.

I need someone to make me feel

Like I’m not alone.

I need to feel like someone loves me,


No One

The doors are closed.

Madness is shut in.

No escape for me.

I’m left in the dark.

Why am I ignored?

No one hears my screams.

Feel so unimportant.

Unwanted; undesirable.

What if I just disappeared?

What if I just never return?

What if?

I’ll tell you what.

No one will care.

No one will look.

No one will miss me.

No one.

My King

All they seem to do about me is complain.

It brings my heart such conflict and pain.

They make me feel like I’m not worth anything.

Like I’m a slave and they’re my king.

They make me feel horrible about myself.

They’ve trapped me and I need to free myself.

But they push me down each time I try,

So all I can do is sit down and cry.