8 thoughts on “What Have I become?

  1. It’s not life I find to be the problem. As Sartre says, “Hell is other people.” Unfortunately, sometimes we all feel like taking that long dirt nap. What never fails to cheer me up and bring me out of my funk is thinking about how much more people in my life will be bothered if I stick around this beautiful planet, since my very existence seems to enrage some persons. Find some beautiful, safe place in nature, for me the woods, get a friend to go with you, put down the ubiquitous communication devices, and be quiet for a while and listen to the real world, the one the gods gave us.

    I don’t advise resorting to psychiatric help, as their “treatment” consists of pumping various drugs into your brain until you are no longer bothered by the real problems you face. The problems are still there, and they have a lifelong customer. Find the others, your true friends, and you will know them by listening to your own heart, not their words.


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