The Sun


The sun is shining,

No brighter than usual.

It’s just its normal self,

Doing what it always does,

But it’s efforts are useless.

The sky is covered

By thick grey clouds,

So no light can get through.

But just because

I cannot see it

Does not mean that

It isn’t there.

I just can’t feel it.

It’s just like hope.

It’s trying to

Make it’s way to me.

But it doesn’t matter

How hard it tries.

It won’t break through

My thick barrier.


Please Support Us and The March of Dimes

Hi everyone!  I’m not one to usually make posts like this but today it is of importance.


Tonight my sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma – Alpha Beta Chapter, is having our annual philanthropy event Tri Sigma Night Live to benefit the Tri Sigma Foundation. The tri sigma foundation splits all proceeds between three amazing causes: The March of Dimes, The Robbie Page Memorial ( play therapy provided in hospitals for sick children) and scholarships for young women. A majority of the proceeds go towards the March of Dimes.  Our event starts in three hours and we are still short of meeting our goal. It would mean a lot if any of you would consider making a small donation to our cause. We’re trying to get our status back as the highest fundraising chapter in the nation.

Any little bit helps. Do it for the sick little babies!


Thank you!


Ethan Lee

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamt our future son.

He was four months old

And he had hair of gold.

Absolutely precious.


He had my grey-blue eyes

and your contagious smile.

His giggle warmed my heart.

He was a work of art.

He was just perfection.


I watched him grow older,

His life flashed before me.

What a smart little tike,

Learned how to ride a bike.

We were right beside him.


He did well in school and

His teachers adored him.

He could do anything,

Was good at everything.

He made his parents proud.


He walked across the stage,

With our eyes full of pride.

It filled me with such joy

To watch our little boy

Grow up to be a man.


But I had to wake up

And my heart was broken.

The joy had disappeared.

I cried since I feared

He will never exist.




I Can’t.

I keep telling people

I can’t keep doing this.

They tell me that I can,

But they just aren’t listening.

They don’t understand.

They don’t take me seriously.

I’m not joking around.

I literally cannot take any more.

I can’t hold anything else in.

I’m done.

I’m not just on the edge anymore.

I already let go.

I already decided to jump off the bridge

Because nobody told me to stop.