Hopeless Romantic

I am a hopeless romantic,

extra emphasis on hopeless.

I believe there is love out there

that could save me from the darkness,

then again chivalry is dead.

Men don’t bring you flowers just because.

They don’t go out of their way to

plan surprises to make your day.

Guys don’t care to take a moment

to slow down and dance in the rain.

They don’t stop to look in your eyes

and savor time before a kiss.

It’s just relationships without

any real hope of commitment.

These dudes don’t think about romance.

It is a different day and time,

but I won’t settle for lazy.

Men must go the extra mile.

I want to live a love story.

I want whirlwind.  I want crazy.

I want to be swept off my feet.

I’m a hopeless romantic

and I am worth all the effort.

12 thoughts on “Hopeless Romantic

  1. Oh it’s so sad but it’s so true 😦 I also feel sorry for men sometimes though as I feel woman don’t give them what they used to give men back in the day, like morals and kindness. Men have lost the chase because woman don’t bother with old school intrigue. Now days all men and woman do is act crudely, we are all guilty as a species of ruining what we had unfortunately 😦

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  2. To not experience romance, is to miss one of life’s greatest treasures. Something we all need, and should forever seek. I love your passion about this topic! Well spoken!

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