The Bridge


I found a bridge

with a spectacular view

of a world far below.


There’s a valley of trees

and leaves of  countless trees

surrounding the river flow.


The bridge is a 180 feet high

and spans over a mile

for the cars to zoom along.


When I go over this bridge

I can’t help but think

should I turn my wheel wrong?


6 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Something it’s clear to you today
    you didn’t turn the wheel wrong
    It was just a mere question in your head
    as many people in the world
    and there’s one replying to your poem
    saying that you’re a brave human being
    for choosing right and not wrong.

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  2. It seems the world still shares its beauty with you. Lovely description until the last line. When I was a child I used to be fascinated by the speed of the car. Many times I had to fight the urge to throw open the door to roll out -unharmed of course – like in the movies. But real life isn’t like that. Glad I didn’t. Life gods so much wonder I would have ed missed out. Thank you for visiting my site. Happy blogging.

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