I can’t sleep at night.

It’s tearing me apart.

I can’t stop thinking.

I am overthinking

every little thing.

Things I should just forget,

unimportant things,

suddenly consume me.

I’m anxious about

every aspect of life-

school, love life, work, home.

Constantly running but

I just can’t keep up.

Physically I’m behind,

but mentally I’m

so far ahead that I

see it’s all pointless.

7 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. Oh god, I can so relate with your posts ! I have been like this for an year now. It’s such a painful period and it envelopes you till the time you can’t escape. You laugh with a hidden sadness, you smile with a hidden pain :’)

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  2. Love this can I share it on my blog blogofanoverthinker.co.uk. Also have a look at my blog it might be of interest to you. Feel free to share any of my posts if you wish


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