One-Way Street

I’m tired of being alone,

but I’m also tired of trying.

Why am I the only one?

Why is this a one-way street?

It feels like when I reach out,

people step away from me.

Friends make excuses,

dates cancel plans,

and family tells me to go away.

I’m never enough,

no matter my intentions.

Why aren’t I good enough?

What do I have to do

to get some love around here?

SHouldn’t everyone be loved?

Why am I the exception?


3 thoughts on “One-Way Street

  1. I learned a lesson last year, I used to think a lot on the terms why am I not good enough, what should I do to be better ( I know this might sound cliche, but it’s true), so after being let down a million times, making the same mistake of caring a trillion times, I realised that those people don’t matter, I do. I matter because I am the one who is suffering because of what they did, they let me down, so maybe they are not good enough for me, maybe the only change I need is to stop thinking of what I need to change and love myself because there is no point in expecting love from those people. The ones who care will care, and the ones who don’t, won’t and so the only one you should care about is you, because at the end of the day you are one present as you cry yourself to sleep and it is you who’s happiness make you happy.
    I hope I didn’t bore you, but I truly hope that you’ll find happiness like I did. One day will come when you’ll wake up and realise that you don’t need the uncaring others because you are enough.
    I hope for that smile on your face. Till then my friend be strong 🙂

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  2. Oh damn I feel this. Nothing like being the one who always does the reaching. Sometimes you have to call people out on it. Everyone is too absorbed in their own lives and don’t realize what they are(or arent doing).

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