Last Second

It all comes down to the last second.

You may spend much time making a plan.

You may think about every detail,

consider every variable,

or prepare for different outcomes but

It all comes down to the last second.

Things may be going right as planned,

But in the end there is always time

to lose all your nerve and chicken out,

have a change of heart, reconsider,

or to postpone until tomorrow.

It all comes down to the last second.



Cool Summer Rain

There’s no feeling quite like a cool summer rain.

It comes and it goes, gently erasing pain.

Those huge, sweet raindrops wash the tears from my face.

For a short while, my sad thoughts they replace.

For a time, it is as though I am a child.

Living with reckless abandon. I am wild.

So what if the rain soaks through all my clothing?

Who is there to hear me as I twirl and sing?

For a short time, the rain clears me of sorrow.

I don’t seem to care what happens tomorrow.

The rain brings me joy that my life has forgot.

It is a happiness that cannot be bought.

But just like the storm,  the moment is fleeting.

Into myself, I’m already retreating.

I think to myself as the clouds start to wane

There’s no feeling quite like a cool summer rain



As the Days Go By

As the days go by,

the pain eases slightly.

I got out of bed today.

I only cried once today

when I thought of you.


As the days go by,

I miss you more and more,

but your disappearance

from my life seems to be

more natural and less abrupt.


As the days go by,

I can’t stop thinking of you

and all the memories we have.

I can get through the day again.

I can resume my routine.


As the days go by

It’s easier to face the future

and to leave the past behind.

I know I’ll see you again,

but good things take time.