As the Days Go By

As the days go by,

the pain eases slightly.

I got out of bed today.

I only cried once today

when I thought of you.


As the days go by,

I miss you more and more,

but your disappearance

from my life seems to be

more natural and less abrupt.


As the days go by,

I can’t stop thinking of you

and all the memories we have.

I can get through the day again.

I can resume my routine.


As the days go by

It’s easier to face the future

and to leave the past behind.

I know I’ll see you again,

but good things take time.



2 thoughts on “As the Days Go By

  1. It takes time to heal, and to even see the shore of the river again, while in the storm… But, we are made of stars, and we always find our way to shine despite the pain…

    From a painful me to a painful you, sending warmth…

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