The World Moves On

Sometimes I watch as the world moves on

while I am standing perfectly still.

I am hidden underneath blankets,

trying to feel smaller than I am.

In moments like these, I can see that

when I am trying to disappear

and forgotten from the world, I am.

The world doesn’t need me or miss me.

The world goes on with or without me.

Would it really be that bad if I

just disappeared? I’m not needed here.

If I was, the world would notice.

The world would care that I’m at my end,

But the world doesn’t. It will go on.

I will be forgotten when I die.

My impact is so minuscule that

after the blink of an eye, my death

will be a tally added to the

billions who faded out before me.

You don’t think about any of them,

nor will you think about me in  time

because the world moves on without me





3 thoughts on “The World Moves On

  1. Beautiful poem dear, you may think no one misses you but they do and they will when you’re gone from this world, everyone is needed and has a purpose here dear even if you don’t know what that purpose is !!! Depression is a nast thing that wispers dirty little lies in your ear dear, it’s not easy but you have to fight it and not listen to it’s lies !!! Check out the blog “The bipolar Writer” there are lots of people on there gone throw the same thing as you dear and they can help. ❤️✌️



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