6 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. When I went to University I couldn’t cook. I survived off Baked beans on toast (Which, strangely I LOVE). I find Youtube an excellent way of learning to cook. You can follow a recipe and watch someone cook it. That’s how I learned to make a mean French Onion Soup. 🙂

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  2. Such a simple thought and it can inspire so many more! I love to cook, but all the pieces that come along with it like the electricity, food money, etc. start to come to mind and I think, would it be easier just knowing how to cook or would you also need to understand other things? Or maybe you understand and have those mastered, and cooking is the only thing holding you back from feeling like an adult versus grown up child (a problem I struggle with a lot). So going with the latter thought that all else is well with the world, I did find that cooking helped me to have more peace while on my own because it allowed me to save money on eating out and have such a fun anti-stress activity each night. Cooking is so relaxing to me and the taste of the final creation is where I find the true satisfaction when I serve others!


  3. Do yourself a favor and go grab the bridal edition of Good Housekeeping’s cookbook. It’s got all the basics, from top to bottom ♡

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      1. It’s one of my go-to cookbooks, even though I’m already a fairly accomplished cook ♡ Lots of great info in the Bridal Edition (blue cover), though, for those who are new or inexperienced!


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