Empty and Lost

Lately, I have been considering

what really makes me happy

but I do not have an answer.

I feel empty and lost

because I don’t have dreams.

When I was in high school,

when I should have been

discovering myself

and deciding what I want

to do with the rest of my life

all I wanted to do was die.

Now I’m at the point

where the light at the end

of the tunnel is real,

but I don’t know

what I want there to be

waiting for me at the end.

I’m lost and I’m scared

and I’m reverting back to my old tendencies.

I’d rather put an end to it all

than face the future that I don’t know;

the future that I didn’t create.

4 thoughts on “Empty and Lost

  1. Hi I hope you are OK..? Its hard to know how to respond to this. If you are having feelings about this please contact a friend or a doctor of the samaritans.
    I can tell you that I felt like that years ago. I didn’t go through with anything because I thought of how it would effect my family and friends. I was at a change in my life and felt like I was stepping off a cliff without knowing whether I would fall or fly.
    Please take care x


  2. Nice poem dear.
    Non of us knows what the future holds in store for us that’s just a part of life dear, if you’ve come this far dear you will make it just keep looking forward.


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  3. I hope you’re just exploring writing and sharing feelings that are stuck deep down. Please get help from a professional before you make a permanent decision about a temporary problem. Things CAN become better and you CAN be happy, it will take some work but you can do it!! Please keep writing to get it out but also if these are more than deep dark things most won’t say, please seek help!


  4. Dear Baffy,
    Everyone has greatness stuck inside of them. You are not exempted. You need to give yourself a good rest, allow your mind to reset as many times as it has chosen to.
    You can’t be too sure of what exist outside this world, but I can assure you that great things are possible here. Don’t give up on life.


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