Several years ago, during a different time

I was gifted with the name Baffy.

While indeed this was a serious typo

of my actual name, I don’t think it was a mistake.

I like to believe that this nickname is derived

from the verb baffled which means many things.

I am bewildering and perplexing

I am a puzzle and I am confusing.

I mystify and confuse many.

I am all of these things and more.

I am hard to understand

even when I try to make things clear.

Do I baffle you? So what? Get on board.

Doesn’t everyone need a little mystery in their life?



4 thoughts on “Baffy

  1. Hi Baffy Basics, I must commend your creativity and the evergreen words you bring up each time you publish on your blog. You made my 2018 incredible and I always look forward to your next publications. In the same light, I have received a good number of likes from you on my blogs as well. It really gladdens my heart each time I notice your likes and comments.
    More importantly, I have a forthcoming publication titled ‘Voices’ and I am in need of contributing poets on this one. I am hoping you will be interested in contributing to this effort. ‘Voices’ as titled is meant to discuss about the different visage of love – sweet love and sour love. In this publication, each contributing poets will come up with two poems; one perfect love story and the other, a sad love story.
    I was studying at your blog and I discover you have done so much on this subject matter, if given the permission I will go ahead to pick from the poems on your blog. I am hoping to have (15) fifteen contributing poets; among these poets are: Robert Okaji, Ragazza Triste, Vinz-Double-O, Luna, Specsladeyes, Frank Solanki, Cubby, Shefali among others. Your contribution and support will be well acknowledged and preached.
    Thanks for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Victor Eshameh-Giftedminds


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