We Are All Dolphins

We are all dolphins

putting on a show,

trained to do tricks

for the people who think

they are saving us

from some treacherousus life.

We are all dolphins

finding joy in

others praise of us

for doing something

we would have done anyways.

We are all dolphins

that think we are free

but are really just free to roam

the tank we live in.

We are all dolphins

being controlled by a higher power

for the enjoyment

of other people.

2 thoughts on “We Are All Dolphins

  1. I felt rotten for the dolphins were in the tank… at least we don’t have to jump mid air for fresh fish…or toss balls..I’ve always said to my daughter the word “Free” should be stricken from the “Dictionary” Such a strange word. Luckily I won’t come across it for quite a while ….Maybe next year at the rate I’m going…Loved your images and words!


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