Another Day

The words are there

on the tip of my tongue,

waiting for me to say.


But every time

I get the courage,

I look the other way.


It’s killing me,

just sitting by,

postponing another day.


My biggest fear:

I’ll lose you

when you walk away.


Yet in my heart

I know you.

I think you will stay.


It’s just risky

and not a game

I’m willing to play.


So for now

I’ll wait around,

try again another day.

A Disney Movie

“Life is not a Disney Movie”

are the words an ex-boyfriend

screamed at me.

It’s part of the reason

he’s an ex and always will be.

If you don’t see me as

a princess, a priority, a future,

then there is no happy ending

for us in store

because I know I deserve

that and so much more.


Escape into My Dreams


when I’m up late

and I need to

come up with

a dream so I can

stop crying and

maybe get some

much needed sleep,

I dream of what

it would be like

to marry young

and finally be

able to escape

this hellhole

and never have

to look back again.

Could it really

be so easy?

Is that the price

of my freedom?

If so, I don’t think

dreams and reality

operate on the

same currency.

Not My Job

I am suffocating in your guilt.

I didn’t get you into this mess.

I didn’t cause this to happen,

but yet I’m stuck dealing

with your consequences.

It’s not my job to be your pity party.

It’s not my job to make you feel better.

It’s not my job to make you less lonely.

Stop making it sound like it is.

I have a real job

with actual responsibilities.

I don’t have the time

or energy really to

deal with your constant guilt trips.

I’ll tell you what I tell the kids:

I don’t do tears,

Man up and get your shit together.

Stop suffocating me with YOUR problems.

I have enough of my own.