Sparks of Joy

Cookies fresh out of the oven

Sunshine warming the skin

unexpected flowers in full bloom

bubbles on my skin

A fully intact seashell

hush puppies that are still warm

a baby’s unexpected giggle

the silence after a good song

surprise phone calls just because

coffee at just the right temperature

fluffy snowflakes falling in slowmotion

constellations in the sky

fireflies lighting up just past dusk

hugs that last a second longer

unexpected reminders that I am loved.


When I Look at My Life

When I look at my life,

I often don’t like what I see.

I’m overweight, in debt, stressed,

not as happy as I could be.

When I look at my life,

I often feel despair.

No matter how hard I work- I lose.

It just never seems to be fair.

When I look at my life,

I often feel discouraged and lost.

I might get somewhere if I give my all,

but that is quite a heavy cost.

When I look at my life though,

I often catch a tiny blink

of what I could be

if I slow myself down and think.

When I look at my life,

someday, somehow, someway

I want to look and be able to say

I’m glad I didn’t throw it all away.