The Book Begins

On my drive home today,

I heard the radio say

“Today is where your book begins;

the rest is still unwritten”.

I felt that in my soul.

Today was not just a new chapter

in my never-ending story.

I realized it is a new book

in a “can’t put it down” thrilling series.

So what if the last book took a

depressing turn into hopelessness?

Every main character needs a backstory

that makes your root for them.

Besides, I have a strong feeling

that this new book I’m living

is about to be a best-seller

with hopefully a happy ending.



Lately there have been so many changes happening in my life.

It’s like I’m walking in the ocean, ankle deep to avoid the undertow.

The never ceasing waves try to grasp me and pull me in.

I tried to play it safe, and stay shallow with my feet on the ground

but something greater than me has other plans.

I realized trying to resist the riptide of the things I can’t control

as the changes kept coming and coming was terrifying.

But suddenly in clarity I remembered I know how to swim.

And I’m damn good at it too. Bring it on life.

I’m fucking ready for this new adventure.

Sense a Change

Is there any better feeling

than the excitement that comes

along with new possibilities?

Is there any better taste

that the hope on your lips

as you speak dreams into existence?

Is there any better sight

that the visions you have

become reality in front of you?

Is there any better sound

then a friendly welcome

as you finally find your way home?