I’m starting to realize

that maybe it wasn’t just

the workplace that

suffocated me with poison.

Maybe the people

were just as toxic too

and I was too deep in

to realize it because

I needed something

to cling to for dear life.


“We’re just tryin to help”

you say as you bring me to tears

laughing and having fun

as you bring to light all my fears;

Trying to give advice in a field

you have not had experience in for years.

You wanted to feel better about yourself

so you corned me and sucked out all my cheers.

“We just want to help you.”

Oh really? Is that so?

Then where the hell were you

maybe 5 or 6 months ago?

Did you “help” me when I

couldn’t afford groceries? No.

Did you check in on me

as I isolated? Again no.

Did you even notice I

was about to kill myself? Hell no.

So go ahead and keep that

“help” all to yourself.

That’s all you really care about



Diamond in the Rough

The last two years I was just surviving.

I can finally say that I am now thriving.

Every wish I could make is coming true.

Positivity a cloud sent out of the blue.

Dreams are coming to for me so fast

That I don’t have time to process the last.

It fills good for once to achieve a goal.

Success is filling my weary little soul.

It feels so good to finally feel at rest;

To know that for once I tried my best

and it was finally good enough.

No longer a diamond in the rough