The Luckiest Girl in the World

Sometimes I wish to be

the luckiest girl in the world;

that I could be the one

to be loved by you

and only you.

And then I remember

the feel of your hand in mine,

the way you smile in photos next to me,

the way you listen when I speak,

the way you look at me

and then I know

that I already am.



It’s comforting to know that

you are susceptible to life

and all the challenges it brings.

Sometime one of my biggest

insecurities is that life is beating

me to a pulp, but everyone else

appears to take it in stride.

Knowing that you are vulnerable too

and feeling the weight of all

the cards life is dealing your way

gives me the courage to feel like

I can walk straight into the storm

as long as you are by my side.

How Lucky am I to be

How lucky am I to be

one of the lucky few who

bare witness and get to see

your genuine smile and joy.

And your eyes when they fill with

wonder and bliss for the world

that I get share you with

and drink each single moment.

And to know you well enough

to recognize the tender

blush behind your mall scruff

that makes you oh so human!

And to feel the kindred soul

that keeps your warm heart beating

striving to keep you whole,

every time you look at me.

How lucky am I to be.

The Reason Why

I wanted to write a poem

that expressed the reason why I love you,

but that is harder said than done.

For I have many reasons to love you

and simply could not settle for just one.

But I will tell you that you are

my reason why

I am still alive.

Even on my darkest days,

when I had no other reason

to want to carry on,

you were always on my mind

and gave me hope to hold on.