All I Could Think of Was You

Even at my sickest point,’

laying on the lifeless,

uncomfortable hospital bed

all I could think of was you.

Even with the iv

dripping the cold fluid

into my veins for hours,

all I could think. of was you.

Even with the medications

and the never ending tests

to try and fix my illness,

all I could think of was you.

Because I knew that

through all the pain

that if you had been here,

you would have made me laugh.


Sharing Breakfast

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone that you love.

The concept that you both

woke up and the first thing

that either of you wanted

was to see each other’s faces;

hear each other’s laughs;

make each other smile.

Those are such tender,

caring moments to share

with one another in

the moments where sleep

still sits in the corners

of your freshly opened eyes

and it is still early enough

that you can still share

and grasp at what remains

of each other’s dreams.

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone you love.

I’m glad I get to share it with you.

You Are

You are the singular ray

of sunshine that never fails

to brighten my long day.

You are the special something

that gives me a new hope

the day had forgotten to bring.

You are the joy that fills

the tiny crevices between

the living done between thrills.

You are the final part

that completes my stories

and satisfies my beating heart.

You are exactly what I need

and satisfy my soul better

than the ending to any book I read.

You are the greatest thing

to ever happen to me, by far.

Thanks for the happiness you bring


The dictionary definition

defines the term Hazel as being

a reddish-brown or greenish brown that

commonly appears as eye colors,

which I suppose is true on the surface.

But there is so much more behind those

hazel eyes that must still be captured.

Hazel is the color of the leaves

at the beginning of fall, right as

the trees begin to change, preparing

to start a new adventure over

and over again; a skill that took

practice and precision to master.

Hazel is the color of the tint

I see over everything after

staring at the sun on a too bright

day that gives the world a golden hue

adding a level of beauty to

the nature that sings around us here.

Hazel is the color I see when

I open my eyes each and every day

when I think of you and your bright smile;

the way you make everything golden

just by being present; and the way

you face each day fresh, waiting for what

new adventures lay in store for us.

Hazel is so much more than a color.

It is the essence of your soul.

Coffee Mug

What I would not give to be

your coffee mug right now;

to have your lips part in

preparation and in

the long-awaited anticipation

of connecting with me.

How jealous I am that

a stained, ceramic mug

washed and used daily

over and over at this

quiet little diner

knows the intimacy

and the feel of your lips,

which I have yet to taste.

What If

What if

tonight is the last time that I

go to sleeping wondering

if there’ll ever be an us?

What if

this is the last time that I

wonder if you actually have feelings

for me and overthink everything?

What if

this is the last time that I

fall asleep dreaming about what

it would be like to kiss your lips?

What if

this is the last time that I

have to write cryptic poems

about falling in love with you?

What if

this is the last time that I

have to imagine what it will be like

to finally be your girlfriend?