Coffee Mug

What I would not give to be

your coffee mug right now;

to have your lips part in

preparation and in

the long-awaited anticipation

of connecting with me.

How jealous I am that

a stained, ceramic mug

washed and used daily

over and over at this

quiet little diner

knows the intimacy

and the feel of your lips,

which I have yet to taste.


Every Mile Between Us

After a twelve hour drive

I could truly feel

every mile between us.

Leaving was already hard,

but feeling myself get

further and further from you

hurt more than I ever

thought it would; thought it could.

700 miles doesn’t feel that far

until you actually travel it

and have to race away

putting every mile between us.

Before my trip,

the distance was but nothing

but now 700 miles feels

impossibly far away.

And far as it feels,

at least distance is measurable.

The real pain comes from

how far into time it will be

until I see you again.

Because that is something

that I just don’t know.


Somewhere Nearby

It used to be that when I saw snow

I’d be annoyed by the thought

of the slush and having to dig

my car out from heaps and piles.

But now when I see it,

I always know that somewhere

nearby you are seeing the snow

and that is causing you smiles,

and that is enough for me.

I’m Dreaming of a Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Christmas

Hopefully not too far into the distant future

The last batch of cookies is out from the oven.

Filling the air with cinnamon and sugar delights

Jazzy Christmas music is playing over the radio

adding warmth and joy to my home.

He starts a fire in our new fireplace

that reflects off our stockings hung with care

next to each others for the first time.

The last of the gifts have been wrapped

and placed under the tree covered

in ornaments from our lives past and present.

I sit down on the couch beside him

with my favorite glass of wine in hand

and sigh with relief that I finally made it.

This is the life I always dreamed of.

Christmas at last with the one I love.

Maybe someday…

One Little Christmas Light

Darkness is void of all colors.

It consumes everything around it.

Where you see nothing, you hear nothing.

You can only focus on the bleak emptiness-

That is until someone adds a little color to it.

One little Christmas light may not

be the thing that brightens the word,

but with a whole string,

a whole house,

a whole yard full,

the world seems a lot more promising.

So it is with you.

My world was dark until you added to it-

a whole lot of smiles

a whole lot of laughter

a whole day with you.

You filled my darkness with light

and the world seems a lot more promising.

A Word

A word-

So much power in just 6 spaces.

Your mouth and brain

are consumed by a vocabulary

with as many choices as

stars in the sky on a clear night.

A word

communicates your ideas clearly

and also leaves the water as murky

as Lake Erie crashing against shore-

creating worries and caution observing

what is obscuring you view.

A word

has many synonyms

that would instigate a large variety

of feeling within another human.

Yet you chose to use that one

knowing it would hurt me the most.