The World Around Us

Talking to you feels like the world around us stops,

just our two voices and the sound of fat raindrops

punctuating the pauses between our laughter

and the flirting that brings the smiles I’m after.

It feels as though we are the only people in the room.

Everything disappears until we want it to resume.

But in that moment all I can see if you,

the rest of this place is out of view.

How can I look anywhere else when across from me

is the whole reason I came all the way to Tennessee?

Great Smoky Mountains?Rivers? Trees? The views?

They aren’t the wonders of the world I’d choose

When my heart is beating, almost out of my chest.

Of all the joys of nature, I like you the best.

Nothing on the mountain could ever compete

to the man right here, affectionate and sweet.

When I’m with you, the world around us stops.

Our time together is sweeter than lemon-drops

and that is just how I like it.