What Are We?

I’m tired of the game

and trying to explain

just how you hurt me.


With all of your words

I’m split into thirds

thinking what are we?


Your power you flaunt;

don’t know what you want.

You keep changing your key.


You’re back and you’re forth

What is my worth?

Baby, what are we?


You’re up and You’re down

I’m flipped around;

a ship lost at sea.


You’re always my choice

but I’m losing my voice.

What about me?


Decide our plot.

Want this or not?

What are we?

What Do You Mean?

Just because I’m  smart

Doesn’t mean that I know how

to figure you out.


I can’t take a hint

so you’re going to have to

tell me what you mean.


What is it you want?

You are sending mixed signals.

I am so confused.