My feeling for you

are as persistent as

the buzz of a nearby


Harmless? Sure.

Ignorable? No.

Try as I might

to just leave them be,

my attention is drawn

to what is lurking

just outside of

my bubble.

As much as I want

to leave it be,

I just have an

insatiable desire

to become obsessed

with such a little thing.


All I Could Think of Was You

Even at my sickest point,’

laying on the lifeless,

uncomfortable hospital bed

all I could think of was you.

Even with the iv

dripping the cold fluid

into my veins for hours,

all I could think. of was you.

Even with the medications

and the never ending tests

to try and fix my illness,

all I could think of was you.

Because I knew that

through all the pain

that if you had been here,

you would have made me laugh.

Sharing Breakfast

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone that you love.

The concept that you both

woke up and the first thing

that either of you wanted

was to see each other’s faces;

hear each other’s laughs;

make each other smile.

Those are such tender,

caring moments to share

with one another in

the moments where sleep

still sits in the corners

of your freshly opened eyes

and it is still early enough

that you can still share

and grasp at what remains

of each other’s dreams.

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone you love.

I’m glad I get to share it with you.

Coffee Mug

What I would not give to be

your coffee mug right now;

to have your lips part in

preparation and in

the long-awaited anticipation

of connecting with me.

How jealous I am that

a stained, ceramic mug

washed and used daily

over and over at this

quiet little diner

knows the intimacy

and the feel of your lips,

which I have yet to taste.

The World Around Us

Talking to you feels like the world around us stops,

just our two voices and the sound of fat raindrops

punctuating the pauses between our laughter

and the flirting that brings the smiles I’m after.

It feels as though we are the only people in the room.

Everything disappears until we want it to resume.

But in that moment all I can see if you,

the rest of this place is out of view.

How can I look anywhere else when across from me

is the whole reason I came all the way to Tennessee?

Great Smoky Mountains?Rivers? Trees? The views?

They aren’t the wonders of the world I’d choose

When my heart is beating, almost out of my chest.

Of all the joys of nature, I like you the best.

Nothing on the mountain could ever compete

to the man right here, affectionate and sweet.

When I’m with you, the world around us stops.

Our time together is sweeter than lemon-drops

and that is just how I like it.

See Your Eyes

I long more than anything to see your eyes

than I long for the end of grey winter skies.

At night I toss and turn; I agonize

of the thought of when the opportunity will arise

for us to be reunited under the same Ohio skies

will come again.


I can’t wait for the moment to come! A reprise!

My excitement I cannot desguise.

I look forward to gazing at you and to no surprise

feel my whole life that I’m enduring paralyze

except for the hundreds of  butterflies

you stir up within me.


Looking into your captivating eyes

reminds me of the beauty of a sunrise

and the feelings that I now realize

the sharing of with you would be unwise

unless I’m seeking out my final demise;

but my how you just undo me.