Bottom of the Rainbow

They say at the bottom of the rainbow

there is a pot of gold

but I am at the bottom

and I promise you there is no gold here.

Just disappointment and broken dreams

which you can find anywhere really.

So why unstick yourself from the pillows

you’ve been crying into for three hours?

Save yourself from searching

for the happiness you hope is out there

at the bottom of some rainbow for you

because there is not.

It’s just much the same

so just protect yourself

from getting your hopes up.

There’s nothing out there

worth living for.

Ethan Lee

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamt our future son.

He was four months old

And he had hair of gold.

Absolutely precious.


He had my grey-blue eyes

and your contagious smile.

His giggle warmed my heart.

He was a work of art.

He was just perfection.


I watched him grow older,

His life flashed before me.

What a smart little tike,

Learned how to ride a bike.

We were right beside him.


He did well in school and

His teachers adored him.

He could do anything,

Was good at everything.

He made his parents proud.


He walked across the stage,

With our eyes full of pride.

It filled me with such joy

To watch our little boy

Grow up to be a man.


But I had to wake up

And my heart was broken.

The joy had disappeared.

I cried since I feared

He will never exist.




Just Last Night

You were in my dream,

From not long ago.

It was just last night

under the stars’ glow.

When I closed my eyes

As I slept in bed,

Together we danced

All throughout my head.

When you look at me

And I only you,

The world then revolves

Around just us two.

Music is playing

But we do not hear.

I’m lost in your arms

When you are so near.

Everyone watches

As we do our dance,

But we don’t notice.

We’re stuck in a trance.

When the song is through,

We stand just in place.

You then close your eyes

and you kiss my face.

The crowd goes in awe

And my cheeks go pink.

I’m so confused now,

I can’t even think.

Before I process

What is happening,

I become aware

Of the sounds of spring.


American Dream

Dreaming a dream, old as true.

American as red white and blue.

Work for the things we want in life.

And to someone be a loyal wife.

Buy a house with money we earn.

A place for us to always return.

Have jobs  that we truly enjoy.

Welcome to the world a girl or boy.

(See what the future has in-store,

Maybe we will welcome a few more).

To fill our home with memories

To watch our children earn their degrees.

To grow old together and have care

From our children that were always there.

We’ll live our lives from day to day.

For us, happiness will always stay.