The Girl You Knew

The Girl You Knew was shattered;

in rambles; in shreds.

She needed to put herself back

into one piece again.


The Girl You Knew  needed help

figuring out who she was now

that everything she used to be

was gone; you took advantage.


The Girl You Knew was vulnerable

and let you use her how you needed,

while she broke into tiny pieces

and lost further sight of herself.


The Girl You Knew cared about you

and was hurt when you left.

You found ways to hurt a girl

who was already hurting deep.


That’s not the girl you know now.


The Girl You Know Now is Confident.

She’s put her life back together

and come out stronger with a life

she is proud to live by herself.


The Girl You Know Now is motivated.

She did what she had to do

to be a better person

and live her best life.


The Girl You Know Now is fierce.

She is a born leader

who helps shape the future

and the world to make it better.


The Girl You Know Now is caring

She is loved. She is happy.

And most important of all

she doesn’t need you.




I am like a flower

Waiting for just the right hour

So that I may blossom

Into something totally awesome.

I’m waiting for my time to shine,

To find the moment and make it mine.

I’m ready to seize the day

And confidently say:

I am on the right track.

Nothing is going to hold me back.


They tell me I’m not good enough.

That I’m too rough and tough.

They say they’re going to change me.

There’s someone else I must be.

They tell me no more ponytails.

Instead we’ll give you fake nails.

They say I must hide my face.

Cake it with makeup to take its place.

They say my clothes are to drab.

Being slutty is much more “fab”.

They say they must have total control.

That I must sell them my soul.

They say I must give up what I do.

I put up a fuss; it’s not me, it’s you!

They say there is no line to draw.

But that was the final straw.

Who I am is up to me.

I can be who I want to be.

You can try to change me, but you will fail.

Because I am keeping my ponytail.