The dictionary definition

defines the term Hazel as being

a reddish-brown or greenish brown that

commonly appears as eye colors,

which I suppose is true on the surface.

But there is so much more behind those

hazel eyes that must still be captured.

Hazel is the color of the leaves

at the beginning of fall, right as

the trees begin to change, preparing

to start a new adventure over

and over again; a skill that took

practice and precision to master.

Hazel is the color of the tint

I see over everything after

staring at the sun on a too bright

day that gives the world a golden hue

adding a level of beauty to

the nature that sings around us here.

Hazel is the color I see when

I open my eyes each and every day

when I think of you and your bright smile;

the way you make everything golden

just by being present; and the way

you face each day fresh, waiting for what

new adventures lay in store for us.

Hazel is so much more than a color.

It is the essence of your soul.


See Your Eyes

I long more than anything to see your eyes

than I long for the end of grey winter skies.

At night I toss and turn; I agonize

of the thought of when the opportunity will arise

for us to be reunited under the same Ohio skies

will come again.


I can’t wait for the moment to come! A reprise!

My excitement I cannot desguise.

I look forward to gazing at you and to no surprise

feel my whole life that I’m enduring paralyze

except for the hundreds of  butterflies

you stir up within me.


Looking into your captivating eyes

reminds me of the beauty of a sunrise

and the feelings that I now realize

the sharing of with you would be unwise

unless I’m seeking out my final demise;

but my how you just undo me.

That Look

What are you thinking

behind those devilish eyes?

Maybe I’ll never know really,

but that doesn’t mean that I won’t try.

Are you thinking about me?

Is that why you smile?

Or is it someone else?

Maybe you’re just hungry

and want a burger.

Heck if I know.

Did you just raise an eyebrow?

Are you waiting for me?

Are you trying to ask me

without using a single word?

or are you wondering

about something else entirely

like if you looked the door

or remembered to pay your bills.

Maybe I’ll never know.

Maybe that look will

haunt me for the rest of time.

The mind is a tricky thing

and I will never know for sure.