I hold my breath as the last sliver

of daylight burns into nothing

as the sun sets behind the horizon.

The anticipation of having been

so mesmerized, enchanted, consumed

and now the realization

that I’m not sure what to expect next.

That is how it feels when I find

your eyes are as entranced with me

as I am with yourself.


Invincible Hearts

Things used to be

as simple as

telling someone

you liked them

on the playground

and they would say

they liked you too.


Instant relationship.

Being an adult

is so much harder.

There’s many factors

to consider,

people’s feelings

to interpret,

and endless actions

to overthink about.

When did things

get so complicated?

Can’t we go back to

when life was simple

and our hearts were


Red Light

Loving you feels like I am

waiting at a red light

at the top of a big hill,

putting all my strength

into pressing my break pedal

into the floor board

to stop myself from rolling

forward, even the tiniest bit

because I know that as soon

as I start rolling,

I’ll have so much momentum

I won’t be able to stop

and if I am going to go

racing full speed ahead

into my feelings for you,

I want to know that I’m

not going to crash and burn

once I reach the bottom.

It Should Be You

It should be you

walking in my door,

eyes lighting up

when they set on me.

It should be you

kissing my forehead,

calling me a cutie,

making me smile.

It should be you

with your arm around me,

pulling me into you

as we snuggle on my couch.

It should be you

running your fingers

through my hair with

my head on your lap.

It should be you

looking into my eyes,

making my heart race,

giving me butterflies.

It should be you…

It should be you.

Unfamiliar Place

My whole life feels like

I am driving home

from the bank that is

just a mile from my home.

I go there all the time,

but I’m in a rush today so

I take a different route.

I’m now lost in some place,

a neighborhood I don’t know,

turning again and again

down roads never seen.

I told myself keep going

but now I’m stuck in

an unfamiliar place

and I have no idea how I got here

and I don’t have the energy

to try and get out again.

The Desert

My love for you at times

feels as though I am

wandering aimlessly

through the desert:

lost, confused, desperate.

So many times I will

find myself dreaming of

your lips-my oasis

just waiting to quench

my never ending thirst

to be close to you.

And everyone once in awhile

I convince myself that

you have feelings for me too.

But I have been on this

tireless journey for so many years,

I have to stop and wonder;

Are they just a mirage?

When I Can’t See You

Even when I can’t see you

as we talk on our phone calls,

I have known you long enough

to be able to tell when

-you’re smiling at my voice

after it’s been a long while

-you are blushing from my praise

(deserved because you’re awesome)

-your eyebrows raise from surprise

as I spill the tea from work.

-your nervous energy is

obvious as you fidget

-you’re hiding giggles as I

flirt unashamed with you

-you’re smirking as you try to

stop bantering back with me

Just know that when you think that

I can’t see you- Oh I do

Because I love all the quirks

and things that you do that make

you You.