Bottom of the Rainbow

They say at the bottom of the rainbow

there is a pot of gold

but I am at the bottom

and I promise you there is no gold here.

Just disappointment and broken dreams

which you can find anywhere really.

So why unstick yourself from the pillows

you’ve been crying into for three hours?

Save yourself from searching

for the happiness you hope is out there

at the bottom of some rainbow for you

because there is not.

It’s just much the same

so just protect yourself

from getting your hopes up.

There’s nothing out there

worth living for.

I’ve Given Up

I’ve given up on what I really wanted
And now I feel so empty.
It’s like I’ve lost a part of me.
I am internally haunted.
I’ve given up all my hope.
I will no longer be trying.
I need to stop my crying
I need to learn to cope.
I’ve given up my heart.
All I feel is it’s empty hole.
I feel like I’ve lost my soul
Yet I’m barely falling a part.
I’ve given up on love.
Alone, I’m meant to be.
There is no one for me.
There’s no such thing as truelove.