That Candle

Oh, I have that candle,

and I”m sure you do too,

that reminds me of the good times,

that reminds me of you.


When I inhale a deep breath

I feel the warmth that makes me smile

bringing me thoughts of those souls

that I haven’t seen in a while.


The soft hints of cinnamon

remind me of the many  fun

carefree, late may days

in the park, under the sun.


The sugary smell of brown sugar

reminds me of your kind, gentle heart.

Your love, I can feel with me

even if death keeps us apart.


The soft scent of vanilla

brings me back to your little kitchen,

making blue blueberry muffins

that I haven’t tasted in God Knows when.


Oh yes I light that candle

and with it, I think of you.

I know I can’t see you yet,

but until then, this will do.