You Are

You are the singular ray

of sunshine that never fails

to brighten my long day.

You are the special something

that gives me a new hope

the day had forgotten to bring.

You are the joy that fills

the tiny crevices between

the living done between thrills.

You are the final part

that completes my stories

and satisfies my beating heart.

You are exactly what I need

and satisfy my soul better

than the ending to any book I read.

You are the greatest thing

to ever happen to me, by far.

Thanks for the happiness you bring


Cool Summer Rain

There’s no feeling quite like a cool summer rain.

It comes and it goes, gently erasing pain.

Those huge, sweet raindrops wash the tears from my face.

For a short while, my sad thoughts they replace.

For a time, it is as though I am a child.

Living with reckless abandon. I am wild.

So what if the rain soaks through all my clothing?

Who is there to hear me as I twirl and sing?

For a short time, the rain clears me of sorrow.

I don’t seem to care what happens tomorrow.

The rain brings me joy that my life has forgot.

It is a happiness that cannot be bought.

But just like the storm,  the moment is fleeting.

Into myself, I’m already retreating.

I think to myself as the clouds start to wane

There’s no feeling quite like a cool summer rain



Don’t Miss the View

When I’m up this high,

everything is different.

Life in the mountains

is vivid and  brand new.

When I’m at the top

I almost touch the sky.

For once looking down,

is encouraged here so

you don’t miss the view

that is in front of you.

From here on out I

will always be looking

up and trying to

remember this feeling.

I feel so alive

and like I will conquer

what is thrown my way.

My perspective is fresh.

I’m a new person.

I’m on the top of the world.

My world is different.

Everything has changed.

I found myself here.

I’m never coming down.

American Dream

Dreaming a dream, old as true.

American as red white and blue.

Work for the things we want in life.

And to someone be a loyal wife.

Buy a house with money we earn.

A place for us to always return.

Have jobs  that we truly enjoy.

Welcome to the world a girl or boy.

(See what the future has in-store,

Maybe we will welcome a few more).

To fill our home with memories

To watch our children earn their degrees.

To grow old together and have care

From our children that were always there.

We’ll live our lives from day to day.

For us, happiness will always stay.