Don’t Miss the View

When I’m up this high,

everything is different.

Life in the mountains

is vivid and  brand new.

When I’m at the top

I almost touch the sky.

For once looking down,

is encouraged here so

you don’t miss the view

that is in front of you.

From here on out I

will always be looking

up and trying to

remember this feeling.

I feel so alive

and like I will conquer

what is thrown my way.

My perspective is fresh.

I’m a new person.

I’m on the top of the world.

My world is different.

Everything has changed.

I found myself here.

I’m never coming down.



You told me I was beautiful,

And I didn’t believe you.

I thought you were just saying it,

And I didn’t want to be lied to.

“Why do you think I’m beautiful?”

You blew my mind away.

I thought maybe you’d have one reason,

But you had a whole list.

I’m beautiful because of my face,

My eyes, my nose, my mouth.

Even my curves add to it.

But what shook my world

Was when you said that I

Am beautiful on the inside too.

Once you left, I cried.

I cried happy tears.

For the first time in my life

Someone called me beautiful,

And I actually believed them.


I Know I’ll Always Love You

I know that I’ll always love you

No matter the pain it causes,

No matter how much it destroys,

No matter how many tears come.


I know that I’ll always love you

Because I know that I am now

For the better in more ways

Than I’ll ever have time to count.


I know I’ll always love you

Though the street is not both ways

Because that is not what matters;

It’s the hope the feeling brings.


I know I’ll always love you

And of that I am grateful

For as long as I have hope,

I have a reason to live.

Just Last Night

You were in my dream,

From not long ago.

It was just last night

under the stars’ glow.

When I closed my eyes

As I slept in bed,

Together we danced

All throughout my head.

When you look at me

And I only you,

The world then revolves

Around just us two.

Music is playing

But we do not hear.

I’m lost in your arms

When you are so near.

Everyone watches

As we do our dance,

But we don’t notice.

We’re stuck in a trance.

When the song is through,

We stand just in place.

You then close your eyes

and you kiss my face.

The crowd goes in awe

And my cheeks go pink.

I’m so confused now,

I can’t even think.

Before I process

What is happening,

I become aware

Of the sounds of spring.