No Regrets.

Rain has been sliding down the windowsill all day,

yet not a single tear has found its way down my face.

I’m too numb and too lost to understand what happened.

My biggest dream in life is gone now and so am I.

It turns out that happiness just wasn’t in the cards.

My one and only hope that life would improve someday

has just been thrown out the window and is gone for good.

I’ve been clinging to this hope since I was in high school.

That little thought at times was my only will to live.

Now I just don’t know what I’ll do from here. Maybe die?

I know my soul did today. Now it’s time to catch up.

Nothing to hold me back anymore. I’ve no regrets.


I Shouldn’t Have Done It

I know I shouldn’t have done it,

but it was so easy. It just felt right.

How could I stop myself from sliding

into something that felt so natural?

Love had me in it’s grips

and there is no escaping.

One look from you and I knew.

I knew that I was powerless.

I knew I would succumb to you.

I knew that you were the one.

But I didn’t know how much it would hurt.

I didn’t know how it would kill me

to realize you’d never feel the same.

I didn’t know it would take over my life.

Why did I have to fall in love

with someone who could never love me?

You broke me and I’ll never be the same.



I’ve Given Up

I’ve given up on what I really wanted
And now I feel so empty.
It’s like I’ve lost a part of me.
I am internally haunted.
I’ve given up all my hope.
I will no longer be trying.
I need to stop my crying
I need to learn to cope.
I’ve given up my heart.
All I feel is it’s empty hole.
I feel like I’ve lost my soul
Yet I’m barely falling a part.
I’ve given up on love.
Alone, I’m meant to be.
There is no one for me.
There’s no such thing as truelove.