You Are

You are the singular ray

of sunshine that never fails

to brighten my long day.

You are the special something

that gives me a new hope

the day had forgotten to bring.

You are the joy that fills

the tiny crevices between

the living done between thrills.

You are the final part

that completes my stories

and satisfies my beating heart.

You are exactly what I need

and satisfy my soul better

than the ending to any book I read.

You are the greatest thing

to ever happen to me, by far.

Thanks for the happiness you bring



Everything that comes into your life

must eventually become absent.

No matter how much you try

to nurture and care for something,

it will eventually disappear.

You can try to prevent it,

but you will fail.

You can try to prolong it,

but you will hurt yourself more.

You can believe it’s not actually gone,

but you will just be in denial.

Everything faces the cruel hands of time.

Everything has an expiration date

Everyone dies,


Everything changes,


Everything disintegrates to dust,


Everything you at one point have,

something you take advantage of daily,

will someday walk out and be replaced with regret.

Everything good in life will fade away,

just like me.


Chasing the Same Story.

I’ve spent a third of my life

Chasing the same story.

I’ve gotten nowhere really

And I’ve had no glory.

Somedays it feels hopeless,

Like I’m never going to win,

But then he says something

And I’m stuck with a grin.

Sometimes he calls me pretty,

Sometimes it’s that I’m the best.

When he looks at me,

I forget all the rest.

It’s been seven years

And I’ve gotten nowhere

But I wouldn’t trade anything

For the memories that we share.

I Know I’ll Always Love You

I know that I’ll always love you

No matter the pain it causes,

No matter how much it destroys,

No matter how many tears come.


I know that I’ll always love you

Because I know that I am now

For the better in more ways

Than I’ll ever have time to count.


I know I’ll always love you

Though the street is not both ways

Because that is not what matters;

It’s the hope the feeling brings.


I know I’ll always love you

And of that I am grateful

For as long as I have hope,

I have a reason to live.