Church Bells

It’s 11:45.

I must head outside

to hear the church bells ring.

I grab my blanket.

Head out the door

And search for a place .

It’s 11:50

And I’ve found a spot

To hear the church bells ring.

Laying on the grass,

The sun is shining,

And the birds are all singing.

It’s 11:58

And I’m waiting

To hear the church bells ring.

I close my eyes

And enjoy the peace,

waiting for the magic.

It’s 12 o’clock

And I have begun

To hear the church bells ring.

The clock tower strikes,

Counting out twelve.

Then the magic begins.

It’s 12:11

And I have stopped

Hearing the church bells ring.

There were 5 in row.

5 different songs

That left me in a trance.

It’s 12:15

And I head inside from

Hearing the church bells ring.

I do not regret

The time I spent

Listening to the small things.



In Bliss

To read my book, I begin
As the sun warms my pale skin.
Surrounded by just blue sky.
Not a single cloud goes by.
My blanket is on the hill.
The wind blows, I get a chill.
A stick is poking my ass.
Flowers sprout up from the grass.
Squirrels in trees are calling.
Bugs on the ground are crawling.
Boys play soccer in the field.
Planes fly by from our airfield.
Hammocks hang between trees.
Frisbees floating on the breeze.
Friends are gathered for picnics.
Let’s forget the politics.
Take some time to enjoy this;
Spend time living in bliss.