Wine is the Best Boyfriend.

Wine is the best boyfriend.

It’s always there for you.

It puts a smile on your face.

It gets you all giddy.

It gives you a warm tingle.

It makes you laugh.

It’s supportive.

It wants to kiss your lips.

Has the ability to turn you on.

It can be sweet sometimes.

Always there for special occasions.

It will never leave you.


Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk




Reasons Why

Your smile, your laugh,

your beautiful eyes.

You follow your dreams

and reach for the skies.


Your passion about

the things that you love.

Plans for the future

you always speak of.


Your optimisim

when things look hopeless.


to be a success.


You always listen

to things that I say.

You always have jokes,

make pain go away.


Our conversations

are full of meaning.

You’ve always been there

since the beginning.


You give me reasons

to give you my trust.

For you, happiness

is always a must.


I give you this list,

from my heart to you,

just some of many

reasons I love you.