Sometimes I wish the words for my poems

could flow as smoothly and as enchanting

as the ones in an Ed Sheeran love song.

Sometimes they do.

Sometimes I get caught in the moment

and find myself swept away in the magic

of the feelings I have and the words I type.

Sometimes I read what I write and think

“This is simply perfect.

I’ve captured a small glimpse perhaps

of what I originally intended,

but yet it’s exactly what I meant.”

Sometimes I take a step back and wonder

if the words are truly my own

because I don’t believe that my

lonely, loveless heart could have

produced words full of such awe.

Sometimes I get excited to share these

words crafted by my soul with the world,

but I always remember I can’t.

So while I may wish to enchant the world

with my own lyrics like Ed,

I’ll have to settle with saving

my soul to my file of drafts

full of other hopes waiting for their time

to shine like the light of a thousand stars…



As the Days Go By

As the days go by,

the pain eases slightly.

I got out of bed today.

I only cried once today

when I thought of you.


As the days go by,

I miss you more and more,

but your disappearance

from my life seems to be

more natural and less abrupt.


As the days go by,

I can’t stop thinking of you

and all the memories we have.

I can get through the day again.

I can resume my routine.


As the days go by

It’s easier to face the future

and to leave the past behind.

I know I’ll see you again,

but good things take time.