As the Days Go By

As the days go by,

the pain eases slightly.

I got out of bed today.

I only cried once today

when I thought of you.


As the days go by,

I miss you more and more,

but your disappearance

from my life seems to be

more natural and less abrupt.


As the days go by,

I can’t stop thinking of you

and all the memories we have.

I can get through the day again.

I can resume my routine.


As the days go by

It’s easier to face the future

and to leave the past behind.

I know I’ll see you again,

but good things take time.




Friend To Friend: An advice poem

*so I wrote this poem a good 7 years ago for an eighth grade project( keep that in mind as the rhythm is truly non existent). It was meant to be a comfort poem for my best friend since her grandfather had recently passed. Now, considering the current state of my own grandmother, I find this poem to also be a comfort. I hope other can as well*

I know that you are devoted by his passing on,

But it’s time to start moving on.

Now missing him isn’t wrong,

But you need to move along.

For else, he will never arrive

At the place he looked forward to while alive.


Now this place he hopes to find

Is like no other kind,

It has everything he’ll ever need.

Yes, Heaven is an amazing place indeed.

So in order for him to go,

You must be willing to let go.


I know heart’s aren’t easy to mend,

But that is why I’m here for you, my friend.

I am here to help you through this painful journey

For I have been there and know it isn’t easy.

Now I know it won’t heal over night,

But after awhile, you’ll feel alright.