Tip of the Iceberg

When I say something is wrong,

It’s hard for me to express

Just how deep this goes down.

When I talk to you,

All you get is the superficial,

Just the tip of the iceberg.

These little issues seem simple,

Like they can be solved

And that I can be saved.

But believe me,

It takes more to sink my ship

Than the tip of an iceberg.

There’s a whole monster

Waiting beneath the surface

To be my demise

And I can’t tell you about it.

You only get to see

The small tip of the iceberg.


No one

“It’s just a joke. It’s a game”

I say to hide my shame.

No one takes me serious.


“I was kidding, didn’t mean it”

I say to them to deny it.

No one realizes I struggle.


“I’m sorry I was offensive”

I say when I’m defensive.

No one can see my battles.


” I’ll just stop talking now,”

I say to try to describe how

I feel, because no one understands.




Storms To Weather

Knife in the back,

Life is off track

Everything is out of place.


Feet off the ground

I’m flailing around,

Falling flat on my face.


There’re many storms to weather,

trying to get my life together

but some things left no trace.


Decisions to be made

and debts to be paid,

No special treatment in this case.


I am on my own,

lost and  alone,

I’m last place in this race.


It’ll take hard work and time,

It won’t be an easy climb,

But everything will fall in place.