Loving you comes to me

the way waves do as they

connect with the side of a boat,

crashing over and over.

I anticipate the connection,

as I see nothing but waves

coming from miles all around me;

knowing the feelings

will rock my boat back and forth

as the little moments

of love crest on the next wave,

getting ready to rock my world

again and again

leaving me little time to prepare

for the next overwhelming bout

before the next one hits.

There are highs and lows

and no way off the ship.

I am stuck between waves

asking myself

“he loves me?

he loves me not”

time after time.

And as much as I love the highs

and salty breeze in my hair,

I am getting seasick

and am longing for a harbor.


Coffee Mug

What I would not give to be

your coffee mug right now;

to have your lips part in

preparation and in

the long-awaited anticipation

of connecting with me.

How jealous I am that

a stained, ceramic mug

washed and used daily

over and over at this

quiet little diner

knows the intimacy

and the feel of your lips,

which I have yet to taste.

Winter Advisory

I am a car,

just trying to get

from point a

to point b

on slick, snow

covered roads.

I’m just trying

to get a grip

and keep control

of my life

but I am

slipping and

sliding downhill

faster and faster.

I know that

pretty soon here

I am going to crash

and it is not

going to be pretty.

It’s going to

cost me far more

than a stupid mailbox.

I am putting

everything I’ve got

into getting to

my destination,

but my gut tells me

that I’ll never make

it there alive

Check and a Mate?

At least in chess there is a time limit

on how long you have to make a move.

I fully understand every decision

leads to a different result and ending

and I have no intentions of rushing

your strategy or our little game.

But I can’t begin to figure out

what I should do next

until you make up your mind first.

Don’t let the clock time out.

The Weather is Changing

For so long, I wanted us to fall

as furiously and as intensely

as an August evening thunderstorm.

I thought love was supposed to sneak up

on you and leave not a single place

dry as the passion begins to swarm.

But now I see our love is snowfall;

building up anticipation as

the first gentle snowflakes take their form.

Love will slowly drift down around us;

delicate but filled with much wonder

soft melting because our hearts are warm.


My life is a big puzzle

And I have no idea

just how many pieces I have

when I opened up the box.

I put the edges together first

so I have so sort of idea

what I’m looking to accomplish.

Then over time I slowly

put a couple pieces together here

connect to my border there

drop a couple bad words

when a piece I thought would fit

doesn’t fit where I want it.

Eventually I seem like I’ve got

enough of an idea

to know what I want the puzzle

to be when it is finished,

but I still am missing big chunks

all over the place.

I can stare at one of those places

yet to be built and know

that for example, that is where

my husband will go.

But I have no idea what those pieces

look like or how to narrow it down.

I just know I’m missing something

and I a faint idea what it might look like

and I am going to keep trying the same

pieces over and over

until I find their spot in the puzzle

because it’s in the box for a reason.

It belongs in my life somewhere.

I just have to figure out where.

The Book Begins

On my drive home today,

I heard the radio say

“Today is where your book begins;

the rest is still unwritten”.

I felt that in my soul.

Today was not just a new chapter

in my never-ending story.

I realized it is a new book

in a “can’t put it down” thrilling series.

So what if the last book took a

depressing turn into hopelessness?

Every main character needs a backstory

that makes your root for them.

Besides, I have a strong feeling

that this new book I’m living

is about to be a best-seller

with hopefully a happy ending.


I put on a bandaid,

knowing it won’t be enough

to stop the bleeding.

But I tell myself

it’s only temporary.

It just has to last long enough

for me to find something better.

Surely there’s some glaze somewhere

at the back of the cabinet,

just waiting for me to find it.

Except, I forget to keep looking

for something more durable

until I realize the bandaid is gone.

So I put on another one.

and another one.

and another one.

And now the box is empty.

What do I do now?