Don’t Miss the View

When I’m up this high,

everything is different.

Life in the mountains

is vivid and  brand new.

When I’m at the top

I almost touch the sky.

For once looking down,

is encouraged here so

you don’t miss the view

that is in front of you.

From here on out I

will always be looking

up and trying to

remember this feeling.

I feel so alive

and like I will conquer

what is thrown my way.

My perspective is fresh.

I’m a new person.

I’m on the top of the world.

My world is different.

Everything has changed.

I found myself here.

I’m never coming down.

Small Blizzard


There’s nothing like an

eleven hour

drive through the mountains

through a small blizzard

to make you question

all your life choices.

It was difficult.

It was a struggle.

This “short” little drive

mentally broke me,

and yet I made it.

I made it to the

good part; the bright side.

It got much better.

Life is a blizzard

and I hope this one

dissipates as well.

I want the good part;

the end of the storm.

I’m finally happy.

I want this feeling

to last for awhile.