To Feel Like Someone Loves Me

I want to feel like someone loves me.

It seems like a simple human right

That I just can’t seem to claim.

Love is linked to happiness

Which explains why I’m miserable.

I don’t want a boyfriend just to say I have one.

I just want someone to bring me joy.

I want to feel like I matter.

I want someone to make me smile.

I want someone to care about me

Because I’m tired of being the only one.

It exhausting telling myself each day

That life is worth living

When the list of reasons just gets shorter.

I need someone to make me feel

Like I’m not alone.

I need to feel like someone loves me,

No One Knows

(another oldie, but a goodie. It’s a year old so don’t worry to much)

No one knows what goes on inside.

Conceal, don’t feel. Always hide.

When I’m up late at night, cannot sleep,

I think of things that cut me deep.

No one knows how hard I try

To stop the tears I always cry.

Or how hard I try every night

To not give up; keep on the fight.

No one knows the secrets I bare.

I always feel like no ones there.

Why is life a constant struggle?

Buried beneath all this rubble.

No one knows the help I need.

I’m stuck here; I cannot succeed.

Can’t anyone hear me crying?

Help me! Help me! I am dying.