A Penny For My Thoughts #1

This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a interesting tumbler feed. It asked ” what if the reason you get a song stuck in your head is because somewhere in the world, your soulmate is singing it?”

My instant reaction was to feel bad for my soulmate as I sing a lot. A LOT. If this were true, my poor soulmate would have songs had some pretty terrible songs that I’ve song in choir in their heads for several months( I sincerely apologize for the 3 month period we sang “Happy” junior year). But I also sing a lot for fun so there’d be no rest for the wicked.  So sorry.

Vice versa, if this is true, I must say that at least my soul mate has good taste in music because I usually have some pretty decent music running through my brain.

Just thought that this was interesting and thought provoking ( even if it isn’t physically possible.) Have a song stuck in your head? Comment what your soulmate may be singing at this very moment. I’m quite curious to see your responses. Mine apparently has Ignition by R. Kelly on replay because it’s been stuck in my head all day.