Sharing Breakfast

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone that you love.

The concept that you both

woke up and the first thing

that either of you wanted

was to see each other’s faces;

hear each other’s laughs;

make each other smile.

Those are such tender,

caring moments to share

with one another in

the moments where sleep

still sits in the corners

of your freshly opened eyes

and it is still early enough

that you can still share

and grasp at what remains

of each other’s dreams.

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone you love.

I’m glad I get to share it with you.


One Little Christmas Light

Darkness is void of all colors.

It consumes everything around it.

Where you see nothing, you hear nothing.

You can only focus on the bleak emptiness-

That is until someone adds a little color to it.

One little Christmas light may not

be the thing that brightens the word,

but with a whole string,

a whole house,

a whole yard full,

the world seems a lot more promising.

So it is with you.

My world was dark until you added to it-

a whole lot of smiles

a whole lot of laughter

a whole day with you.

You filled my darkness with light

and the world seems a lot more promising.

A Word

A word-

So much power in just 6 spaces.

Your mouth and brain

are consumed by a vocabulary

with as many choices as

stars in the sky on a clear night.

A word

communicates your ideas clearly

and also leaves the water as murky

as Lake Erie crashing against shore-

creating worries and caution observing

what is obscuring you view.

A word

has many synonyms

that would instigate a large variety

of feeling within another human.

Yet you chose to use that one

knowing it would hurt me the most.