Loving you comes to me

the way waves do as they

connect with the side of a boat,

crashing over and over.

I anticipate the connection,

as I see nothing but waves

coming from miles all around me;

knowing the feelings

will rock my boat back and forth

as the little moments

of love crest on the next wave,

getting ready to rock my world

again and again

leaving me little time to prepare

for the next overwhelming bout

before the next one hits.

There are highs and lows

and no way off the ship.

I am stuck between waves

asking myself

“he loves me?

he loves me not”

time after time.

And as much as I love the highs

and salty breeze in my hair,

I am getting seasick

and am longing for a harbor.


Waking Up

In a book I recently read

the main character said

“When you wake up next to

the person you love and

you quietly watch them sleep,

it should be difficult to

imagine a world in which

you don’t wake up next to them.”

This thought has been on my brain

a lot lately with my insomnia

because maybe the reason

that I can’t bare to fall asleep

is because I am tired of

waking up in a bed without

you lying right next to me.

All I Could Think of Was You

Even at my sickest point,’

laying on the lifeless,

uncomfortable hospital bed

all I could think of was you.

Even with the iv

dripping the cold fluid

into my veins for hours,

all I could think. of was you.

Even with the medications

and the never ending tests

to try and fix my illness,

all I could think of was you.

Because I knew that

through all the pain

that if you had been here,

you would have made me laugh.

Sharing Breakfast

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone that you love.

The concept that you both

woke up and the first thing

that either of you wanted

was to see each other’s faces;

hear each other’s laughs;

make each other smile.

Those are such tender,

caring moments to share

with one another in

the moments where sleep

still sits in the corners

of your freshly opened eyes

and it is still early enough

that you can still share

and grasp at what remains

of each other’s dreams.

There is something so intimate

about sharing breakfast with

someone you love.

I’m glad I get to share it with you.